Hello Conquerors!

As mentioned before, we are coming back with activities and although the site has been delayed (it was supposed to be updated on the 15th) we are finally here. For those who didn't know, World Conquer Online was first launched in 2009 and was aimed at a worldwide audience and there were players from all over the world.

Our last server that was online about a year ago arrived with a new proposal, however, due to a bug where many players farmed the exploit for days (which was only discovered when they started using farmed goods) the balance of the server's economy ended up with only 2 months (from a server that was already paid to last at least 6), after that, the server that had more than 100 bans had a base of less than 10 players until the end of its life.

As it was something that happened for more than a week, it was not possible to rollback because it would be unfair to the other players who were playing normally, however, it happened that the entire base of players was gone (base that had an average of 150 players online during the week).

So, the server was closed with the promise to return in the future with the problems solved (since the bug had already been fixed, we just took a long time to resume activities, as it is disheartening when all your work is handled this way).

Closed Alpha

We are launching a Closed Alpha in a partnership, the server will be in testing for a short period of time until its opening to the public is announced.

Returning Players

We have already warned that players and contributors from the previous server will have their benefits delivered again in the new version (respecting the new store rules and changes), however, those who wish to return will be able to receive the benefits on the new server. While on the new site new accounts will have to be created, we keep all old records and are working on systems to cooperate to allow rewards to be retrieved.

That's all for now folks :]

Thank you for everyone's attention and understanding.

*PS.: It is possible that our e-mail server is having problems, therefore, when registering a new account, wait a while to receive the e-mail confirmation.

*PS2.: Our site is now multilingual and some parts are not yet fully translated, so if you find something please let us know.

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