Hello Conquerors!

As you can see, we are constantly developing and advancing rapidly in recent days. We've been fixing some features and implementing new ones and now both our sites and services are all in .NET 6 which makes us very happy.

Okay, and what changes for the player?

This is an important question because we want to bring you the best experience, and although the mistakes of the past haunt us a lot, we are guaranteed a faster and more portable code (apart from the fact that the developer is delighted with the new features that make it much easier). However, this change from .NET 6 only ensures that we have recent technology that is constantly supported by Microsoft.

We can test?

No! The current tests are closed to a portion of people because we performed the tests on the previous server and there were people who kept a bug to abuse at launch, therefore, closed tests.

But what about the stress test to find out how the server handles many players?

We'll have to find this out right away, the important thing is that we don't have problems that spoil the initial gameplay, structural problems we'll try to solve as the server goes.

That way, I'm just leaving the update on the website that the project is still in progress and will be available soon in version 5187. I'm already looking forward to the first expansion but it hasn't left the polls yet :] so if you liked the game until now version of Trojan Epics while Conquer Online was still playable get ready as this will be the final version of the game. But first, we'll go through the launch of Monk, Pirate, Chi, Jiang, Assassin and we'll finally get there.

To the next!

PS.: Remember you can leave comments on posts so we can get feedback.

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