Hello Conquerors!

Today I come to inform you that we have advanced further in terms of server development. We've been testing all the systems from the most basic ones like movement, attack and interactions to the most forgotten ones like Enlightenment, Flowers, Titles etc. We are in a testing stage with our dear guards, who although after the talismans have become a bit obsolete they are still useful for the uplev of noobs.

Website Language

Our site already has a multilingual system, so if you are from another country and want to get an easy reading of it, feel free to ask us in the comments. The languages initially available are Brazilian Portuguese and English. You can switch site languages at the footer of the page.

PS.: the English translation is incomplete but soon everything will be OK.

Release Date?

We're still thinking about it, but possibly very soon. We're thinking of calling in a bunch of people to help us with a stress test soon but this will be something more reserved. 


This delicate subject is also in the planning stage, for now everything is being done in an environment where CPs are just for cosmetics, however, how much does this make the game difficult? Would you play something where it would probably take you years to get full +12?


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