Hello Conquerors!

We popped in today to announce that the server testing process has advanced and we have a lot of features ready to go, almost all of them. Therefore, we want to announce something important and that we will greatly need your help.

PvP Open Test

We will soon be recruiting 12 people to test our PvP systems. We will provide 12 accounts, 2 of each class divided into 2 guilds so we can perform the tests. All characters will have the same level, same amount of resources, items with the same quality and also having the same amount of BP.

The test will be recorded and if everything goes as expected (since it is a test) this test will become the server launch clip. After the PvP tests, the accounts will be free to use for a week if they wish to continue testing the systems.

Will be:

  • 2 Trojans
  • 2 Warriors
  • 2 Archers
  • 2 Ninjas
  • 2 Water Taoists
  • 2 Fire Taoists

All with equipment:

  • Super +5
  • 2 refined gems in weapons
  • 1 refined gem in other equipments
  • Reduced damage in all items -3%
  • Sem talismãs e sem montaria
  • All first life level 120 accounts
  • All skills maxed out
  • 2.000.000 silvers for potions
    • An NPC will be available to nurture with CPs and Gold after the PvP test

Accounts must not level up from 120 until the end of the test, cannot be donated to the nobility ranking, must not have their equipment enrolled in the guild, must not respawn, lose equipment in PK or anything that cancels the parity of the accounts before tests.

The contest will be No~Shirt vs With~Shirt and we will not be able to distribute rewards, after all, the game needs to start with everyone at the same level. However, they will already have the privilege of studying the systems to assess the best strategy to stay strong.

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